Turn Your Grief Journey into a Healing Journey: 

13 Strategies to Help You Heal From Loss

Do you feel like you’re stuck in your grief and not seeing how to heal?

I did.

After I lost my first husband, I spent two years looking for answers at the bottom of a bottle. I pushed people away. I was in so much pain that all I wanted was to feel nothing.

Eventually, I finally realized I was stuck doing the same thing expecting different results; the very definition of insanity!

I had to alter my thoughts.

It was 1997 when that finally hit me.

By the time I lost my second husband in January 2014, I had learned a number of lessons that gave me a bit of control over how I processed my grief that second time.

I am James LaVeck, the author of Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life and Moving Past Grief: A Collection of Stories and Strategies to Help You Heal. I am sharing my story about being widowed twice before my 48th birthday, and the aftermath and growth from those experiences. Life After Losses included Thirteen Pieces of Advice While Grieving, which is the basis for this workbook. These are strategies I've learned, put in place and used for more than 25 years in my healing journey.

"Honesty" is a frequently-repeated word in reviews for Life After Losses.

I can't promise to take away your pain. Nobody can. And, if they did? Well, let's just say I wouldn't consider them being honest with you. What I can promise is the workbook (as well as the other books) show a practical application for these strategies, and you can adapt them to your own personal journey through healing.

I'm going to be honest. I think the content and my personal support are worth a lot more than $24.95. I do hope you take advantage of this while it's available at this price. 

Wishing us peace in our journey,